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bullet House or Boat? A big decision to make when moving house.
bullet Planning at Home - Books and Magazines to help you plan your move.
bullet Buying or Renting? - Which is cheaper? Which is better for equity purposes?
bullet Build Your Own - So many boats are started and never reach the water. Buy something part built?
bullet Marine Finance and Mortgages - Is a Marine Finance Package or Mortgage as cheap as a normal house one?
bullet Brokers and "value for money" - Beware the hiked prices.
bullet Boat Surveys and Surveyors - Is an expensive surveyor necessary when you are changing the type of vessel?
bullet Marinas - Coastal and Inland - Which one appeals to you?
bullet Marina Facilities - Marine Shops, Showers, Electricity and Wifi.
bullet Other Types of Craft/Houseboats - Unusual Craft, Ex Naval Hulls and Submarines.
bullet Inshore Moorings - River or Canal? Pontoon or Riverbank?
bullet River Thames Moorings and Houseboats - Riverbank and Tidal Moorings.
bullet Testimonials: People already living aboard - around the British Isles.
bullet The Latest Report from our Living Aboard families
bullet We'll be reporting on our own Living Aboard Project. A 28 foot new sailing cruiser being fitted out by our team.
bullet Experts' advice and information - You can never have too much advice so long as it is from an expert surveyor.
bullet Information from websites, links, etc. - There a whole host of websites with good information about boating.
bullet Information from Authorities - Council Tax and hidden charges, etc.
bullet Insurance Cover/marine brokers - Compare Indemnity Packages and Damage Cover.
bullet "Making the Move" - How to make the move painless and fun.
bullet Costs of "Living Aboard " - An all round assesment of what the actual cost can be.
bullet "Leaving the Shores" - Is your home really sea worthy enough to go beyond local waters?
bullet "Living Aboard Abroad" - Looking at the sort of lifestyle "liveaboards" enjoy.
bullet Navigation and planning - Do you need special qualifications to own or sail a boat?
bullet Aerial shots of marinas - A look at the different marinas and their locations.


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