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Larger boats have still been selling since January this year! Why?

Well, there are two main reasons for the stability of boat sales.

A couple of years ago, the market showed a rise in sales due to the dramatic drop in the exchange rate of the Pound/Euro. This swapped the normal state from boats being cheaper outside the UK to being cheaper inside the UK. Hence, buyers were coming from abroad, scooping up the bargains and taking them back with them or having them sailed back. This has meant that a quantity of the "best buys" have literally gone abroad, draining and livening up the British market somewhat.

Secondly, Those who would normally buy second/holiday homes have been avoiding the house market and turning their sights to the larger boats as an alternative. Boats, on average, seem to have held their value over the past ten years and they make a fun weekend getaway residence.

This has stabilised boat sales, much like that of the post-recession years in the housing market and making it more challenging to find a suitable boat for Living Aboard.
So, don't waste any time and get out there before the boat market "dries up".

Don't forget to go to the Ancasta Boatshow! at Hamble until the end of October.

And........pay a visit to the new Ancasta Offices at Premier's new Chichester Marina.

New Programme Aspects

Living Aboard is following the trend towards Eco Living. There are more and cheaper solar panels that can be fitted on the deck, plus the efficiency of the wind turbines has improved tenfold, making it more cost effective to sail up that river.

The Southampton Boat Show was bursting with new ideas to save on fuel and electricity, including a generator/motor that is attached between the gearbox and the propshaft. This way, the motor could propel the boat silently and charge the batteries when sailing, using the propeller to turn the motor in generator mode. How's that for ingenuity!

 page contains a list of scheduled project events, and key milestones and

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